The Stroz

Hello, World (again)

Mar 16, 2022
2 minutes

I would like to welcome you to my little slice of the Interwebs.

You may be wondering why I said ‘again’. Well, that is because is the second incarnation of my blog. I had technical issues with the older version and, well, life kind of got in the way of correcting those issues. To be honest, a lot of the content is old and not likely relevant any longer. I do plan on going through the older posts and reposting here if I feel it may be relevant.

You may be curious to know what you can expect to see here. I can assure you there will be a hodgepodge of tech/coding topics. I may throw in an odd post here or there related to some of my opther passions (my family, golf, NY Giants). I do not plan to focus on any one subject. I like to tinker and I like to share what I have learned when doing so.

There is also a better than fair chance you will see lots of pictures of my dog. That’s him below.

My Dog

I also anticipate the theme/layout/features of this site to change as I get used to using Eleventy.

It’s nice to have you here. Pretty soon, there will be for you to peruse.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash